About Us

To truly love what you do is not work, it is a passion and a pleasure.

Creating the first flower box subscription business in Christchurch over 4 years ago has been a drive of determination and love to create my dream. Growing beautiful fresh flowers on the farm for clients to have in their homes and workplaces to enjoy. By offering creative ideas for arranging the flowers in the vase, everyone experiences the enjoyment and mastery that they created something beautiful themselves. A truly unique way of receiving fresh-cut flowers.

In the early days I would have to rely on buying all flowers at the flower market, but now having started my flower farm I am able to grow and supply my own flowers, and work with other local farmers to provide their special varieties.

I enjoy meeting clients and chatting with them on delivery days and many new friendships have grown and developed. Creating floral arrangements for events is always a pleasure and I enjoy collaborating with clients to create special flowers for their weddings, loved ones’ funerals, and many other special occasions.

It is an absolute highlight to have Kiwi Gardner Magazine produce an article about Flowers in a Box showcasing my journey so far.

Going forward it is my mission to keep growing and supplying beautiful farm-fresh flowers that people delight in having in their homes, offices, and events.

What we offer

We choose beautiful hand-picked fresh flowers from the market, creating flower combinations to look amazing in a vase for you to arrange and enjoy. We carefully pack the flowers by hand into our boxes and include information on how to arrange and care for your flowers. We deliver the flowers to you. The excitement begins when you open the box to reveal the surprise of the beautiful flowers inside, ready for you to lovingly arrange and enjoy.